Clinic Schedule August/September 2016

STROKE OF THE WEEK:    We will focus on a particular stroke for the hour.  This is a great way to really target a weaker or troubling shot….you might as well address it now, it is not going to fix itself!  No reservation necessary, just drop in!

Tuesday 1-2 pm,  $10 per person

Wednesday 1-2 pm,  $10 per person

Thursday 1-2 pm, $10 per person

Saturday 1-2 pm, $10 per person


FAST FEED:   This class is all live ball, doubles points!  If you win 3 out of 5 points, you and your partner will replace the champions! (Do not worry, a partner is provided, or you can bring one!) Very exciting, very fast-paced.  It is a great way to work “fun” into your 90 minutes of exercise!  Or add the 2nd class for 3 hours of total, sweaty, shot making enjoyment!   Still no reservation necessary, we will be here waiting on you!

Saturday 10-11:30 am, $15 per person                                                cardio

Saturday 11:30-1 pm, $15 per person


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