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Curly's Books

Tennis: Play Smarter Not Harder Tennis:
Tips Quips & Tricks from Curly Davis

A creative composition of Tactful Tennis Tips!


“Curly Davis’ book on tennis tips, “Play Smarter Not Harder”, is a definite must for every tennis player, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced.  If court domination is your destiny, then this book is the golden path. You have got to get your hands on a copy!”
Reviewed on by Kamran Khaleeli

Tennis…Play Smarter Not Harder II
Your On-Court Tennis Coach Curly Davis

Paperback – Published 11th February 2013

Tennis has 2 segments, how to play the game but also how to win at the game. Inside Tennis… Player Smarter Not Harder II , Curly offers the reader both instruction on strokes and tips on how to win! His Chapter on “Curlyisms” gives you insight on how to mentally approach the learning and competing!


Curly's Tee-shirts


At the moment, you can purchase these tennis collectibles by contacting Curly directly at 239-450-7147
You can pay by credit card or check.

FREE Shipping & Handling when you purchase 5 or more t-shirts.

1. YOU!!! Put the “U” in Unique
All sizes are available.
Price:  $20.00  Plus $4.00 Shipping & Handling

2. Great shots win points,
Good shots win matches

All sizes are available.
Price:  $20.00  Plus $4.00 Shipping & Handling

3. Each point should be played
with a purpose, No purpose?
Then what’s the point?

All sizes are available.
Price:  $20.00  Plus $4.00 Shipping & Handling

4. Where there is no smell of sweat
there is no smell of success. I stink

All sizes are available.
Price:  $20.00  Plus $4.00 Shipping & Handling

5.Don’t interrupt your opponent when they are making mistakes

All sizes are available.
Price:  $20.00  Plus $4.00 Shipping & Handling


Curly Davis, Harry Hopman Teaching Pro,
Hits a 2nd Serve Ace With His Video Offering

A Review by Mid-Atlantic Match Point
Two years ago. teaching pro Curly Davis. Adult Director at the Harry Hopman Tennis Academy in Tampa, Florida published his book Tennis: Play Smarter, Not Harder. The emphasis of the book was not how to play tennis but how to win at tennis. We reviewed the effort by stating. "Unlike many tennis instructional books, it cuts through the fluff and provides succinct and concise information that one usually acquired only after hours of personal coaching and match play”. His new video version of Tennis: Play Smarter Not Harder covers much of the material in his book. The real advantage is that the viewer is able to experience Curly's humorous teaching style first hand. He breaks down the important points into what he calls "Curl’s Pearls" they are short sentences reminders to help you remember the larger lesson, The 60 minute tape is packed full of information and tips that ran only help to take the viewer to a higher level. By the way, you will enjoy the "out-takes’ that are presented with the tapes closing credits. The tape and book are available on the internet at

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