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Before and after Curly

As a level 3 player I am working on so many things to make my forehand work. Getting below the ball, the kinetic chain, racket head speed, turning my body, hitting from below the ball, and following through with the racket not to mention the grip and how the wrist is – my head spins but i try and try.

In a clinic with Curly In the first week of December he mentioned something about how to bend my knees and kind of swivel that really connected with me in a meaningful way and you can see the results in these two videos.

I call the first one from August –  BC (before curly) and the second one from December is AC (after Curly tuned me in). Thanks Curly – now i want some secret sauce for my backhand please. ” –– M. Milliken

It is a coincindence that I had the same shorts and tshirt on on both days. Click on the play button of both videos to see them at the same time.


Junior coaching

I recently got back from a week of training at Curly Davis’ Tennis Camp in Naples, Florida. When I got to his camp, I wasn’t hitting the ball very well. Some of this could be attributed to not playing much during the winter, but a lot of it was from hitting and playing too casually without a focus on technique and footwork where a lot of bad habits can creep into your game.

Curly definitely had drills to work on using better footwork and had a keen eye for ways to correct some flaws in my strokes. Over the course of the week, I became a quicker, well-balanced, consistent ball striker that got power by using my legs on shots instead of my usual style of swinging with all arm while being totally off balance.

It took a big change in my effort and a lot of patience and repetition by Curly. However, it was very rewarding to work hard and see the results getting better every day! I asked to specifically work on a few things (kick serve & cross court forehands), and Curly definitely made sure we spent time on those every day. He made me work as hard as I could, which was tough, but it paid off by the end of my week. I could feel the new strength in my legs from our footwork
drills paying off on all my shots.


I was so disappointed when my lessons were over because I could feel my game improving with each day at his camp. I definitely plan on coming back! Thanks to Curly for the BIG help with my game!
–– Derrick V.

Spent 4 days with Curly and as usual he did not disappoint. He has a fantastic ability to quickly diagnose your problem and then craft specific drills to improve weaknesses. We covered all aspects of the game and then he arranged for a match. Fantastic experience as always and I will be back!

–– Greg

I was lucky enough to spend 3 days to absorb some of the tennis genius that Curly has in his arsenal from all his years of teaching. I practiced virtually every shot and he pointed out deficiencies and suggested crucial adjustments in technique that I had never noticed during my 12 years of playing this amazing game. What I was most impressed with was that he wrote down all the changes I should apply to my game and emailed them to me with videos of me hitting each type of shot. He is truly a world class coach and has a love of the game. I will definitely be back.
–– Sherwin


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