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Curl's Pearls

Good Shots Win!!

Far too often, tennis players get into a bit of trouble on the tennis court and think the only way to get out of trouble is to hit a GREAT shot. However, 9 times out of 10, the shot will be a loser. So when in trouble you should think about hitting a GOOD, smart shot to keep the ball in play for one more hit. So remember, Great Shots Win Points…


RIP from the Hip

When looking to place more power on your forehand stroke, I say, “GIVE IT A RIP FROM THE HIP!”

Most players don’t utilize their hips when hitting a forehand. They will even cancel out their body rotation by having their non-dominant side move into their body. The correction is to have the player’s dominant side hip rotate into the stroke. This results in the upper body rotating unrestricted into the stroke and creating more power on the stroke.

So next time, “GIVE IT A RIP FROM THE HIP!”

High five for better serves

ONE OF THE KEYS TO AN effective serve is extending your arm up to make contact with the ball. If your arm is cramped, you will have a hard time hitting with either power or control. To get a feel for extending on the serve, give a high-five, just like when you reach above your head to slap a friend’s hand. By extending your arm in a similar fashion on the serve, you’ll have a higher contact point, which will give you a greater angle to clear the net. Being fully extended also will enable you to generate greater racquet-head acceleration, giving you more power. Reach up on your serve as if you’re giving a friend a high-five and you’ll celebrate with a better serve.

Appeared in TENNIS Magazine

Great Shots Win Points….Good Shots Win Matches

We all know when we are in the competitive mode and running for a ball, and once we get there we attempt a GREAT shot to get us out of difficulty, just to see it more times than not go for an unforced error. A Great shot may receive more applause IF you make it, but the key word there is IF. Next time try to hit just a Good shot back into the adversary’s court. You may not receive more applause but you will receive a bigger payday by winning the match!


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