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Curly Davis Tennis Camp as featured on the Tennis Channel


2018-2019 "Serves You Right" Tennis Camp calendar:

With Roscoe Tanner, Curly Davis and Amy Polizzi


May 19-20 – Sheraton Vistana Orlando – Doubles Camp

June 16-17 – Naples – Defense for Doubles

July 21 – Naples- One Day Serving Camp

August 18 – Sheraton Vistana Orlando – One Day Serving Camp

September 22-23 – Naples – Doubles Team Perfection

October 20-21 – Sheraton Vistana Orlando – Triple Option Tennis

November 17 – Naples – One Day Serving Camp

December 8-9 – Sheraton Vistana Orlando – Serves, Returns & Volleys


January 19-20 – Naples – Resolution Solution Camp

February 16-17 – Sheraton Vistana Orlando – Partner Smarter

(How to Pay Smarter Doubles!)

March 16-17 – Naples – Sunshine Serving Camp


“Serves You Right” has a camp with you in mind.  We have Doubles Camps, Team Camps, Triple Option Tennis Camps, Serves-Returns-Net Camps.  You name it, we will cover it! And…. We really delve into the Serve with Roscoe Tanner leading the way (you might have heard about his 153 mph serve).  There is such a need for serving information that we have dedicated a whole camp to it!


We have assembled 3 GREAT tennis minds to discuss, add, delete, study, every aspect of your serve. These great minds we speak of:

  • Roscoe Tanner– Roscoe is a former Australian Open singles Champion & finalist at Wimbledon to name only a few playing accomplishments. Roscoe held the record for the fastest serve on the ATP tour at 153mph until recently when Andy Roddick serve at 155mph.He’s known for his fast serving, and now he’s known for his way to get you to serve your best!

  • Amy Polizzi– Former Saddlebrook Junior and Adult Pro, and former Legends Golf and Country Club pro, Amy brings her passion, enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge of doubles play and serving to this tennis camp.

  • Curly Davis– His unique style in communicating the game is what sets Curly apart. 2009 inductee into the Kentucky Tennis Hall of Fame. Curly has written numerous tennis books and articles that have been published in global tennis publications.

What you will Receive:

You will receive 7 hours of stroke,serving and doubles instruction, video taping* (sent to you via email), departing gift, 2 lunch’s, souvenir group photo, and a weekend of

*Prior to arrival, PLEASE send Curly a video of 3 of your serves (back view).

Agenda for the Weekend:

  • Saturday 8:45 am  Check in at our Tennis location

  • Saturday 9:00-12:00 -on-court

  • Saturday  12-1 Complimentary Lunch

  • Sunday  9:00-12:00am morning session and video taping.

  • Sunday  12:00-1:00 Complimentary Lunch

  • Sunday Departure


Cost: $350.00

Full payment will hold your reservation

Limited to 18 participants.

*The deposit is refundable if you cancel outside of 14 days from camp date. The deposit is refunded if cancelation is inside the 14 days to tennis camp date, provided we find a replacement. Please note, a verbal commitment does NOT hold your reservation, only the deposit holds your reservation.

Add your name to the waiting list for the next serve camp

Call Curly Davis 239-450-7147 or email Curly at

If you receive Curly’s voice mail please do NOT leave your credit card information. Leave your phone number and Curly will get back to you.


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